Quality Piedmont cuisine

The menu offered by Ca' Nadin is the perfect combination of typical Piedmont cuisine and traditional farmhouse recipes, prepared with the products – especially seasonal products – that our vegetable garden, nature and animals from our farm can offer.

Elegant spaces for your relaxation

Three double bedrooms, which are made warmer and more comfortable by the furnishings typical of the Piedmont peasant tradition. Each room is named after its dominant colour: daisy, sage, lavender. All rooms are equipped with TV, a private bathroom and free Wi-Fi.

Short supply chain food products

Cà Nadin is a farm that raises cows and poultry and grows plants, fruit trees and vegetables, as well as vines from an extensive area suited to the production of Barbera and Arneis grapes. All our products are used to give you an unforgettable experience and are available for sale. Just check our online store!

Cà Nadin is our origins, its name has been identifying our land and who we are for years.
It all started with grandpa Nadin, who preserved those origins and values such as simplicity and passion for work, cooking and hospitality.
Our primary goal is to offer our customers an authentic place where they can enjoy traditional Piedmont cuisine and a glass of our fine wines, and of course, if they wish to, spend the night in a quiet and cosy room.


fresh pasta and food products

We produce our own line of fresh pasta and food products, which will soon be available for sale online. We have recently opened our store within Mercato Contadino Coperto di Campagna Amica (Campagna Amica market hall) in Asti, Corso Alessandria 271. Opening hours: Wednesday 8am to 7pm, Friday 8am to 2pm and Saturday 8am to 7pm. Here you can buy our fresh pasta and some of our homemade food products. Agriturismo Ca’ Nadin offers overnight stays surrounded by the quiet Piedmont hills, and local cuisine with quality products from our farm, the shortest food supply chain you may find.