Tourism and Events

Douja D'Or

The event, which was held for the first time in 1967, was created to promote knowledge and appreciation of the best Italian wines. A national competition for D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. wines is held every year. Experts and technicians from ONAV select the best wines and assign the “Douja d’Or” award to those that get a score of 85/100. These wines will bear the “Douja d’Or” label, while those that get as core higher than 90/100 will receive the Douja Award. The event is held in September (as part of the Settembre astigiano) and lasts ten days.

Palio di Asti

1200 people in medieval costume, 21 thoroughbred horses, flags everywhere, special eve dinners: these are the ingredients of the Palio, the most popular event of the Settembre Astigiano. It is not just a tradition, it’s passion for a celebration that lasts a year. Among the different events within the event, we should mention the “Palio degli Sbandieratori”, a parade of flag-wavers – local groups – which sets the square on fire on the Thursday before the actual Palio.

Festival delle Sagre di Asti

The Festival delle Sagre is a major national food and wine event held in Asti on the second weekend of September. Over 40 Pro Loco in the province of Asti offer their food specialties, paired with DOC wines from Asti, in a large outdoor restaurant area (Piazza Campo) in Asti. On Sunday morning, an evocative parade winds its way through the streets of the city, with more than three thousand participants in authentic period clothes, animals, tractors and ancient tools, to celebrate the values of peasant tradition.

Fiera del tartufo di San Damiano

An autumn festival that will introduce you to places that have always been known for their prized truffles, and major destinations for truffle hunters who know where to find them, with the help of their dogs, and participate in this special “hunt” supporting each other and using their best skills to bring their “treasure” to the Festival. This event is all of this and even more, as this is mainly a food event where you can enjoy typical dishes from Piedmont cuisine, prepared – of course – with local truffles. The festival culminates in November, with “Pala Tartufo” at Piazza Libertà, during which the “trifulai” compete for several prizes.